Greater Kolkata College of Engineering and Management

Baruipur, near Phultala
South 24 Parganas – 743387
West Bengal

Approved by AICTE
Affiliated to MAKAUT and WBSCTE & VE & SD
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DEPARTMENT Basic Science & Humanities
Interdisciplinary Chemistry, Physics
Mathematics, English

Usually, first year of Engineering students face a lot of awkwardness and fear of entering into something new and a significant step into the real world. But have no inhibitions as we are here to make sure you are comfortable and secure in the new environment. Basic Science and Humanities Department lays a strong and sturdy foundation for the core engineering courses and a mixture of myriad subjects including Engineering Drawing, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Management Studies, besides acting as a stepping stone for the students to leap into their core engineering subjects.
We strive to strengthen students’ fundamental principles and revivifying their knowledge, the department is supported by target oriented, highly qualified faculty with good teaching experience, who put consistent effort to meet the expectations of the students. They are easily accessible and approachable so that students feel free to come for counseling, guidance or for clarifications.


Dr. Debayan Mandal
Head (Department of Basic Science & Humanities)


Basic science can answer fundamental questions about our world, and lead to wide-ranging applications in research and modern advanced technology. In addition, it is a fundamental to the study of Engineering. Basic science, however, signifies in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics-are a group of subjects which play vital role in undergraduate Engineering programs.
Engineering started with Mechanical and Civil engineering as the main branches. Both the streams are derivatives of Mechanics which in turn is a form of Physics. Engineering study is also a form of applied science with Physics as an important part for Electronics and Communication and Electrical engineering.
In contrast, Chemistry is important to so many other fields of Engineering studies like Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Textile Engineering, Nanotechnology, Material science etc. Also, it has tremendous effect in Civil engineering including Structural engineering, Environmental engineering, Transportation engineering etc.
Last but not the least, Mathematics is considered as a Mother tool which solves problems of every other science. Without it, we can never comprehend other Sciences and Engineering, whether it’s Computer Science and Engineering for programming and algorithms, Civil engineering for analytical computations, Mechanical engineering for analytical and simulations and many more.
The term humanities include the study of languages, modern and classical literature, history, philosophy, values & ethics, etc., those aspects of social sciences which have humanistic content and employ humanities methods. It provides professional Engineers with means of new way of critical thinking and query. Humanities study strengthens student’s ability to communicate and work with others and help them to become familiar with and to use the creative ideas from great minds outside of science.


Dr. Saikat Mujumder, AP, Physics
Mr. Gopal Chakraborty, AP, Physics
Dr. Debayan Mandal, ASP, Chemistry
Dr. Dipankar Das, AP, Chemistry
Mr. Subhasis Saha, AP, Mathematics
Dr. Shiuli Sengupta, AP, English
Ms. Indrani Basu, AP, Economics
Mr. Arnab Maity, AP, Biology


Engineering Physics Lab.
Engineering Chemistry Lab.
Language Lab.

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