In view of the directions of the Honourable Supreme Court and Anti-ragging act (29th May, 2000) to prohibit ragging in educational institutions,Anti-ragging committee was formed in the educational institute to prevent, prohibit and redress all forms and instances of ragging in the college.Anti-ragging committee to be nominated and headed by the head of the institution (principal or director) and consisting of representatives of civil and police administration, faculty member, non-teaching staff, student as well as guardian.

Roles and responsibilities:

For ragging free campus and to create friendly environment Anti-ragging committee of our institute take the following responsibilities:

  • To highlight and discuss all the rules and preventive measures against ragging with the new comers or fresher’s so that they are well aware of it.
  • To take timely action and necessary steps when a complaint raised by the student or misbehavior are observed by the anti-ragging committee member.
  • To take preventive measure against ragging in hostel beside the campus.
  • To conduct awareness program and seminar like “Anti-ragging day”.
  • To observe if any activity are found in the college campus which are beyond tolerance limit and take right action through proper enquiry.