Department of Electrical Engineering

Greater Kolkata College of Engineering & Management

Civil Engineering
B.Tech, B.Tech (Lateral), Diploma

Department of Electrical Engineering

MAKAUT Affiliated & AICTE Approved
Intake: B.Tech: 90, Diploma: 60


To impart knowledge through outcome-based teaching –learning process with the output of globally commendable Electrical Engineers with high human values contributing towards economy and society.


M1.  To produce industry-ready professionals in Electrical Engineering, and achieve excellence through educational program incorporating skill-based teaching-learning process and contributes in the fast-changing development in Engineering.

M2. To provide suitable platforms to enhance the creative talents of students and faculty member through research and development.

 M3. To encourage students for entrepreneurship programs and partnerships with different segments of the society and provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities to contribute for the socioeconomic development of the nation.

On behalf of our students and faculty, it is my privilege to welcome all of you to the Department of Electrical Engineering at Greater Kolkata College of Engineering and Management (GKCEM) under JIS group, Baruipur, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. We take pride in our faculty, a team of highly capable and dedicated professionals, most of whom have academic and industrial experience and degrees from leading universities of the India. We provide ample opportunities to our faculty and students, through in house trainings, workshops and trainings outside the college campus for further growth and development in their areas of expertise. We at EE Department are committed with the following objectives:
  • The Department has taken up the task of developing competent Electrical engineers of high quality, capable of facing various challenges of the power situation in the country
  • To produce graduates who are able to apply the technical skills which they have learnt in the department in order to serve the State and National Industries and PSU’s.
  • To produce graduates with the necessary background and scientific skills to work professionally in several fields in particular with IT Industries and Power sectors.
  • To train and encourage the graduates for personal and professional success with awareness and commitment to their ethical and social responsibilities, both as individuals and in team environments.
  • Prepare and train the graduates who are proficient of maintaining and improving their technical competence through enduring learning, including entering and succeeding in an advanced degree program in a field of Science & Technology
  • We are actively involved in research and publication in national, International Journals and Conferences by our staff and students. We incorporate stronger ethical and enterprising values in our academics to face new challenges in the area of Electrical Engineering.

On the whole, we are committed towards creating and erecting professional graduate community which is vivacious and provides continuous learning. We Encourage students, parents, prospective faculty member to go through the information provided on the website and join us.

Dr. Anubrata Mondal
PhD & M.Tech (JU)
Experience: 10yrs+

  • B.Tech in Electrical Engineering (4 Years)
  • Lateral B.Tech in Electrical Engineering ( 3 Years)
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering (3 Years)

B.Tech Programme

  • Smart Classroom
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Circuit Theory Lab
  • Electrical Machine I & II Lab
  • Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments Lab
  • Electrical Power System I & II Lab
  • Control System Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Electrical Drives Lab
  • Electrical Design Lab
  • Innovation & Project Development Lab


Diploma Programme

  • Smart Classroom
  • Introduction To Generating Lab
  • Electric Circuits Lab
  • Electrical Measurement Lab
  • DC Machine & Transformer Lab
  • Induction Machine, Synchronous Machine & Special Machine Lab
  • Power Electronics & Converters Lab
  • Illumination Lab
  • Industrial Drives Lab
  • Renewable Energy Lab
  • Electrical Testing & Energy Audits Lab

Research Area

  • Electrical Vehicles
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Grid
  • IOT based System
  • Automation & Control
  • Smart Security System


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Book Chapter:

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Funded Project:

Title: An approach to Energy Efficient Lighting Design for an Educational Building blocks (Typical Area: Seminar Room, GKCEM)

Project Fund: 1.55 Lakhs (Idea-O-Meter, JIS Group, Idea code: IDEA/00069/2021)

Principal Co-Ordinator: Dr. Anubrata Mondal



Indian Design Patent filed on Paddy Cutter. Patent application no. 352804-001 dated 09/11/2021